Lisa Scheideler (far left) & Angela Scheideler (far right)

About the Author + Illustrator

Growing up together with their brother and sister in the Midwest produced a creative and dynamic upbringing. Whether it was dressing their brother up in hats and high heels, collecting pencils and erasers, inventing new rules for every game they played or putting on roller skating shows in the basement for their parents, the two have always been great collaborators. Their enthusiasm for travel, art and imagination naturally led to the idea of Chicken Pot Turtle.

Angela and Lisa are proud natives of LaVista, Nebraska. They currently reside in the majestic city of Denver, Colorado. Lisa, owner of 2 Fold Studio, has been designing and illustrating since she can remember. Angela has worked with kids and families in various school and therapy settings for a number of years. Together they form a great partnership. Chicken Pot Turtle Goes to Iceland is their first self-published book!