Contact Us for a Local Reading!

Are you a teacher, librarian or bookstore owner in the Denver metro area? If so, contact us to schedule a reading of Chicken Pot Turtle Goes to Iceland or Chicken Pot Turtle Drives to Nebraska!

The books are best for ages 2-7. If you are a teacher, a reading is great for grades ECE through first. Depending on the age level, we also touch on subjects such as the travel location, writing, drawing and the publishing process. As a bonus, if you have a Promethean or Smart Board, we can project the book and view it big!

The cost for a local reading is $50. Please contact us for fees outside the Denver metro area.

Our wish is to spread the love and passion we have for travel to kids and families around the world by sharing our book. We look forward to hearing from you!

“What a great visit we had from Lisa and Angela who came last week to read us their book, Chicken Pot Turtle Goes to Iceland! It was a blast and students really latched onto the idea that even kids with ideas can become authors and illustrators of their own books. We had a fantastic writing session after the reading and really dove into our writing powers we’ve been developing all year.”

— Kindergarten Teacher, Denver Public Schools

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Angela Scheideler


Lisa Scheideler