Get to Know the Characters!
World Traveler
Chicken Pot Turtle
Chicken Pot Turtle lives with his family in the Rocky Mountains. When he’s not traveling the world, he likes to play with his brother and sister, build cities out of blocks, visit the science museum, go out for ice cream and have dance parties. He loves to shake his tail feather! Chicken Pot Turtle wants to live with his mom and dad forever and fight fires when he grows up. He hopes to meet Kid President one day and share an awesome lunch together! 
Horned Sheep Lion
Horned Sheep Lion is an ambassador to Africa. He travels to cities and countries around the world sharing the culture and traditions of his homeland. When Horned Sheep Lion is not working, he loves to surf, listen to pop music and dine at local eateries. His favorite delicacy is fish! Horned Sheep Lion enjoys making new friends and can often be found playing soccer with his pals. He also speaks six different languages.
Foreign Exchange Student
Pig Pan Armadillo
Pig Pan Armadillo, also known as “Piggy Pan”, is a foreign exchange student from Seville, Spain. Piggy Pan lives in the United States and goes to school for agriculture and environmental science. Even though he grew up in a big city, Piggy Pan is a country pig at heart. He lives on a farm with his host family where he loves to have mud fights, collect acorns, read comic books and search for rare bugs. Piggy Pan calls his family in Spain every Saturday morning to share pictures and chitchat about all his fun adventures abroad.

Twin Travelers
Poodle & Noodle
Coming November 2018 in Chicken Pot Turtle Explores Nicaragua!