How to dream big!

[Self-publishing a children’s book]

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Big ideas can often come unexpectedly. We all have spectacular, innovative and creative sides to us! Let’s start doing what we love instead of shying away from our dreams because we are worried about success, or for that matter, failure.

You may wonder how Chicken Pot Turtle was created… Well, it all started back in 2012 (wow 6 years ago already!) when our illustrator’s son Finn and his Dad were reading books together. With a four-year-old’s imagination and inspired by the stories they read, the two began making up book characters of their own with silly names and funny tales. Chicken Pot Turtle “stuck” and for days Finn ran around the house yelling “Chicken Pot Turtle”, “Chicken Pot Turtle”! Our little character became a popular topic at the dinner table, during playtime and at dance parties. He wouldn’t go away.

Months later, Chicken Pot Turtle came into conversation, again, and on a whim I suggested we write a book about him. It was a loose statement but I felt we needed to do something with this little guy. He seemed special. We all looked at each other with wild eyes and big grins. The brainstorming began that day! Lisa is a graphic designer and illustrator, and I write. Ourenthusiasm for travel and recent trip to Iceland naturally led to the theme and focus of our first self-published children’s book, Chicken Pot Turtle Goes to Iceland.

Chase your dreams, take a chance, and be courageous. You can’t win unless you play (my motto for 2018)!